Building Muscle Mistakes: Avoid These Mistakes When Trying to Build Muscles

Huge muscles look sexy and attractive. However, most persons just don’t understand the proper way of building the muscles which is the reason why they seem to struggle most of the time.


In case you’re one such person, below are the 3 mistakes which you could be doing:

Not Watching How You Progress

In order to gain muscle mass, you must have a definite strategy which will tell you the amount of muscles you must try to gain. This plan must also advice you on the best way to accomplish your aims.

Experts in the body building field suggest that you must avoid becoming too strict in regards to your plan – you must be flexible enough to make all the required adjustments during the process.

Resting Too Long

It is a good idea to take a small break in the middle of exercise sets so as to provide enough time for your body to repair itself.

Whilst this is essential, you must avoid taking rests for a longer period of time.

Experts suggest that if a person rests too long, then he/she might start feeling tired meaning all your previous hard work offers very little benefit to you. In order to avoid such a case, you must rest for no more than 30 to 90 sec, then continue with your training.

For getting the motivation to workout intensely you must dedicate each set to a special organ of the body. For instance, you could dedicate 1 set to the back portion of the body. You can then rest for some moments, then dedicate a new set to the chest region.

Setting Impracticable Expectations

Undoubtedly, you must have a plan on the amount of muscle you wish to build, still it is better to be truthful to yourself.

For instance, it’s not possible for you being a novice weight lifter to shed off 50 pounds during your initial few weeks of workouts.

In order to become successful in the training, its’ vital to set realistic goals. For instance, if you’re working out so as to lose excess body fat then you must aim on losing a minimum of two pounds of body fat each single week.

About Josh Andy: Josh is a consummate fitness advisor and muslce builders, writing as a passion to inform both the Pro and newbies about latest fitness and bodybuilding techniques, supplements etc. He and his ‘gang members’ recently wrote about Gyno / man boobs and also reviewed Gynectrol Results – one of the best and proven man boobs natural treatment pills

Overtraining Risks: Dangers, Solutions to Over Training

Why Do Some People Over Train During Workouts?

Workout2For many people, especially athletes, training hard and often is a way of life.

They go to the gym almost every single day to improve their athletic performance, gain muscle mass, or lose more weight.

However, the very acts people do to improve their health and fitness can also put them at risk. This happens when you over train.

Some Real Risks of Over Training That Often Occur

Basically, overtraining is a set of symptoms that occur when you train more intensely or frequently than what your body can recover from.

This can lead to injuries and other psychological issues.

Whatever it is you are preparing for, your goal when working out is to do better than your previous session. This is referred to as progressive exercise.

For example, you try to lift heavier on your bench press than your previous workout so you can make your muscles stronger.

Insufficient recovery time, however, can cause the muscles to feel constantly fatigued.

In some cases, it can also lead to poor muscle function and pain.

Overtraining can put too much pressure on the tendons and ligaments, making them inflamed and susceptible to injuries.

Perhaps the biggest problem is that you don’t immediately realize that you’re overtraining until it’s too late.

It helps to know that there are physical and behavioral symptoms that can serve as hints that you are training too much.

Chronic muscle pain, elevated resting heart rate, and tiring easily are the common physical symptoms.

Behavioral symptoms, on the other hand, include impaired athletic performance, poor sleep and depression.

Knowledge of Recovery About Pre / Post Workouts is Very Vital

It is important that you understand the role of recovery. Schedule rest days and make it a point that you take at least one day off per week.


It also helps to leave your ego out the door before you hit the gym and lift weights you can handle properly without compromising proper form.

This can help you avoid injuries and also allow your muscles to be stimulated at the most optimum way possible.

Proven Supplements Help Enhance or Accelerate Growths and Results – BUT…

There is no denying the unassailable facts that some class of high, premium workout and muscle supplements such as A+ legal steroids do help and promotes quicker gains, strength, power, energy and recovery time.

However, taking legal steroids for any bodybuilding goals should not deny you the moment to rest. Getting adequate rest will even engender the best legal steroids such as Dbal, Clen to work much better.

Why Should You Buy A Black & Decker Electric Mower?

There are many advantages to owning an electric lawnmower. Many people don’t consider the advantages of owning one so they miss out on the great benefits that an electric lawnmower can offer them.


Gas powered lawnmowers tend to take up a bit more space and will require more maintenance than an electric lawnmower does.

Gas powered mowers require gas and oil and these costs can quickly escalate when gas prices go up.

Electric lawnmowers are easy to use and won’t take up much space in a garage or shed. They are also fairly lightweight and some of them can actually be hung on a wall.

Electric lawnmowers have advanced greatly over the years and many now operate without having to drag a cord around by simply charging up a battery that is on the lawnmower.

Once charged, you’re all set to mow the yard. Some electric lawnmowers, such as the Black & Decker SPCM1936, actually come with extra batteries so you can have them all charged and ready to go.

This makes it easy to complete a larger sized yard without having to wait for a battery to charge back up.

There are no harmful smells or toxins when using an electric lawnmower. This is great for anyone who is sensitive to chemicals and the like.

More than one person has wrenched a shoulder trying to pull that cord and start a gas powered mower. With an electric mower you simply press the start button and you’re up and mowing.

This is great for anyone who has had a shoulder or arm injury and ideal for anyone who may not have as much ‘pull power’ for starting a gas powered mower.

blackdecker-SPCM1936-storage-lgElectric mowers are much quieter than gas powered mowers. Many people don’t like all the noise that a gas powered makes and electric mowers offer up a great alternative for that aspect.

Since they are quieter they are also a great alternative for persons who have a family member who has to sleep during the day due to their work schedule. This way, the yard can still be mowed without disturbing them.

Electric mowers have come a long way since they were first introduced. Many people have shied away from them thinking that they weren’t worth the effort or the cost.

The truth is, electric mowers are now on par with gas powered mowers and they are very convenient and easy to use.

Using Twitter For Power Marketing

Todd Andrlik created the Power150 Ranking, now run by Advertising Age, featuring the top English-language media and marketing blogs in the world.

With ranking and authority in Twitter causing quite a discussion a few weeks back, I decided nonetheless to have a shot and create the Twitter Power 150, based on the original ranking.

With over 800 bloggers it would be really hard to track down all the twitter profiles, so I focused on the top 300 and with the help of Twitterank and Dapper, and partly inspired by Mack Collier’s Top 25 Marketing & Social Media Blogs. I created a list in January 2009 for the top 150 twitter users with advertising and marketing blogs, but have recently decided to delete it.


The sweet irony is being left out of the list, with a close call at #156. So, you know the drill: if you appreciated the hard work (I had to visit each blog to get the usernames I didn’t follow already), start by following @armandoalves and help me reach the top 150.

The PHP script that parsed the Power150 OPML file was programmed in less than 1/10th of the time it took me to figure out all the twitter profiles, so feel free to comment if your blog is on AdAge’s Power 150 and you would like to be added to the remaining 700 profiles.

I had a few surprises along the way, with nearly 20% of the 300 parsed blogs not having a Twitter account and having to decide which profile to rank on multi-author blogs (I ended up choosing the user with most followers).

Also worthy of notice is the inverted pyramid for SEO/SEM blogs. In the end, Twitter is more conversational and not very friendly for “get rich today” tweets, and that gets reflected on the top tweeple listed.