Bissell Vacuum Cleaners Provide A Healthier Home

Best Shark Vacuum CleanerBissell Vacuum Cleaners have been a popular brand of residential and commercial vacuums since 1876 when the company first began cranking out models. The idea for a carpet cleaner originally came from Anna and Melville Bissell in the mid 1800s as they fought to keep the carpet in their small crockery shop free of sawdust. Melville, who was very creative and handy, set to work to create a better way to rid the store’s carpeting of dust and dirt.

Once the first Bissell Vacuum Cleaner was introduced, the company exploded with many types of cleaning products for the home and office. Cutting down on time and getting excellent results was the driving force behind the company’s goal that continues yet today. There are several features of Bissell Vacuum Cleaners that make the line unique from other manufacturers. One safety feature is the internal thermal protector that shuts off the motor when the interior temperature goes beyond safety limits.

Regular upright models also have a height adjustment with seven different settings to make your unit easier on your back no matter your height. A simple bagless system accompanies many uprights with large, easy to clean cups that are designed to keep dirt airtight until you are ready to discard. A triple filtration system, featuring a HEPA filter protects the motor in addition to the air. The design is a great asset for those with allergies or sensitivity to dust.

The Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum is one of the newest models created by Bissell in an attempt to provide the healthiest home or office possible. Many hotels and motels take advantage of this fantastic machine that will never stir up pet dander and dust. Containing a HEPA filter that actually increases the level of suction, not only is 99% of pet hair picked up and contained but also the air in the room is instantly purified. If you want the best vacuum for hard floors, then take at look at this Hoover Linx stick vacuum review.

A microban coating on the interior surface of this new model will kill germs as they come into contact with the dirt collection process. This new technology makes it impossible to transfer bacteria from room to room but is designed to kill germs on contact. With a 35-foot cord you can easily vacuum more than one room at a time. Other features of the Bissell models include the ability to remove a canister, instantly creating a hand held model for steps that you may come into contact with while working your way around the house.


Check out the entire line of Bissell vacuums, stick vacuums, canisters, commercial vacuums and other cleaning products that are made to provide the cleanest and allergy free air possible. All vacuums come with the usual attachments such as a duster brush, a crevice tool and the turbo brush. The turbo brush has a separate 12-amp motor that makes cleaning upholstery and corners a breeze. All units are lightweight and easy to maneuver while operating. Mr. Bissell had more than quality in mind when he designed his machine, mainly comfort.