December Holiday Traditions In 1900’s America

One of the most well known and widely celebrated holidays is Christmas. It has been recognized by Christians for millennia as the date of Jesus Christ’s birth. It was even celebrated earlier than that by the Pagans. Today, we still observe this day on 25th December with a collection of traditions and activities. Many of these were found in America throughout the 1900’s. Here are some of the most popular family holiday traditions. For more information on Christmas Traditions visit article source:


Evergreen Trees In The House

One of the most iconic Christmas traditions is setting up a Christmas tree in the home. This tradition began in the 1600s when Pagans would put evergreen trees in their homes to mark the everlasting life. The culture evolved, and in the 1900’s, Americans would get a Christmas tree and set it up in the main room of the house. The tree would be decorated as much as possible during the Christmas holidays in America. Some people adopted a love for Japanese lanterns and would hang little ones on the branches. It was a Christmas tradition that has survived to modern days.


The Christmas Card

Americans in the 1900’s would send Christmas cards to each other to celebrate the season. The very first one was designed by Sir Henry Cole in 1843, Discover more about sir Cole here: and the tradition caught on until it was the general practice in the 1900’s. The Post Office would advise people to post early for Christmas to avoid the last minute rush.


The Christmas Stocking

The Christmas stocking was another tradition that was born in the early 1900’s. It grew out of the Saint Nicholas Day tradition of leaving your shoes out. At the time, people believed that they would find the shoes filled with treats if they had behaved well throughout the year. Badly behaved children directly received lumps of coal. After being brought indoors, the tradition still involved the placing of treats in the socks.


The Decorations All Over The House

Today, Christmas involves draping the house with decorative lights and colorful yuletide items too. This tradition was actively followed in the 1900’s also. This was done to create a magical atmosphere. Towards the 1920s, people got extravagant with the decorations. They hung items such as candy canes, popcorn and sweet treats too. The Christians began putting a star atop the Christmas tree. Illustrations of Santa Clause also feature dominantly in the early 1900’s era for holidays. The red suit and Rudolph’s red nose added to the magic and mystique of Christmas.



Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. People take the time to decorate their homes and engage in celebration during this time of the year. Quite a lot of charity is also performed to remember the less fortunate. The traditions above were dominant in the 1900’s.