Gynecomastia versus breast cancer in men

Times are changing and so are our lifestyles as humans. What used to happen some years back has now gone extinct or rare. Things that never used to happen are now on daily basis occurrence. People are being faced with weird diseases that were considered rare in the past. What they do and what they eat contributes to the spread of these chronic diseases. Cancer is all over the world these days being one of the dangerous killer diseases. In fact, people don’t fear HIV/AIDS as they do with cancer. No cure is yet to be discovered for cancer. Only preventative measures are available. The characteristic feature of cancer is the overgrowth of tissues where it manifests itself. Breast cancer is among the most common types. When a man is faced with gynecomastia, the mind might panic with fear of cancer. How do you know the difference between the two conditions? Let’s find out.

  1. Breast cancer in men is rare

Men are on the safer end of breast cancer. Men with big breasts have been diagnosed before and the results proved this right. Only a small 1% of the total patients diagnosed were positive of breast cancer. That is supposed to make the men party. But not for the 1% affected. Again, what the rest 99% of the victims were suffering from is not likeable. Gynecomastia is the main reason why men breasts enlarge. When compared to the women, only 350 men out of 50000 women suffer breast cancer. If you suspect either of the two go for a check up to confirm.

  1. Gynecomastia symptoms

There are certain indicators that clearly show gynecomastia. The number one sign here is just big boobs without pain. Only some slight pain might come along but not much. Breasts form the shape of women breasts with areola developing in size and mass. The breasts become tender and growth is normal. You don’t realize that the breasts are growing until they are overgrown. Again, the breasts don’t overgrow to extreme sizes.

  1. Breast cancer symptoms

While the gynecomastia symptoms are mild and kind of friendly, cancer comes in with a bang. It might just affect one breast and leave the other intact. The breast will grow in an irregular manner. This type of overgrowth will also be super rapid. In a matter of days, the breasts are hugely bulged. The skin and nipples will also show some signs of abnormalities. The final symptom is pain. Like all other cancerous infections, the breast cancer will bring pain menace.

  1. Conclusion

With these symptoms, you will easily be able to differentiate which is which. However, there are some cancers that start mild and might appear to be gynecomastia. For this reason, you have to consider actual checkup as the only trusted way forward.