How To Get Rid Of Bleeding Hemorrhoids And Get You’re Life Back

rid of bleeding hemorrhoids

One of the most painful and agonizing medical conditions to deal with on a daily basis is hemorrhoids. Yet no one wants to talk about them because of their embarrassing nature.

However, this is a very common occurrence among the population and treatment is generally required to stop the pain and discomfort.

Two Types of Hemorrhoids

When a rectal or anal vein becomes swollen or inflamed, one can expect hemorrhoids. Two types of hemorrhoids can affect you and your life, internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids are formed by swollen veins in the anal passageway while external protrudes from the rectum.

When an individual is suffering from constipation, the stool can rub the inflamed veins causing them to rupture and leave blood in the fecal matter.

For most individuals, hemorrhoids is not a severe problem, yet it requires treatment. If there is blood in the fecal matter, the individual should seek medical consultation to verify the condition.

While it is traumatic to see blood in the toilet bowl or on toilet paper it may not always be a serious situation. More than likely you will end up being more embarrassed than anything else and deal with some discomfort from bleeding hemorrhoids.

The Causes

It is important to understand how you are getting hemorrhoids so they can be treated best and not come back in the future. The most common reason for bleeding hemorrhoids are thin vein walls as well as a vulnerable valve in the rectum.

Hemorrhoids typically appear during bouts of constipation when too much pressure is placed on the rectal vein through poor posture and tone of the muscle.

Other causes may include hypertension in the portal vein as a primary cause or hemorrhoids. While excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol have been shown to cause this condition.

For pregnant women who are forced to strain the rectum during bowel movements are at risk for hemorrhoids. They are more at risk due to the changes in the uterus which in turn affect the veins located in the rectal area.

Treating The Hemorrhoids

To get the best treatment that is going to be most effective, it is important to know the cause of your hemorrhoids. There are some cases where surgery or medication may be needed, however, there are also some simple remedies that can be done to help your situation.

Instead of drinking coffee, soda, or alcohol try drinking as much water as possible throughout the day. Other beverages tend to deplete your body of all hydration.

Make sure your diet includes the necessary amount of fiber that is recommended to help prevent constipation which is one of the leading causes of hemorrhoids. Lastly, make sure you get active and exercise. Sitting all day at a desk is simply not healthy.

There are plenty of medications available that will help cure bleeding hemorrhoids, these are all natural and safe to use.

One of the most popular in recent years is Venapro which is actually uses a homeopathic formula that assists your body to fight the causes of hemorrhoids. There are now several online Venapro reviews where you can find out more details about this unique pain relief solution.

Talk to your physician about finding the right treatment for your particular case of hemorrhoids and get back to living.

Do not try to rid bleeding hemorrhoids by yourself, you can make the situation worse than what it presently is. While it is an embarrassing situation, it is one your physician has heard many times over.