The Best Home Gym Equipment – Bowflex Pr3000 Review

pr3000 3What is it?

The Bowflex Pr3000 is a piece of home gym equipment that offers an all in one solution for body exercises. With it, you can trim your fat and build lean muscle. With over 50 exercises, you are able to work on your chest, shoulder, back, legs, arms and abs muscle to keep fit.


The Bowflex Pr3000 is advantageous in many ways. First and foremost, the most obvious thing is that it helps one get to a healthy routine of exercising to keep fit and promote better health. As a matter of fact, you can do more than 50 types of exercises with the equipment, which is easy to assemble, use and follow instructions.

Secondly, the equipment is space saving as compared to other home gym options. Thirdly, it is time convenient; and users can get to exercise anytime they want without excuses and barriers such as distance, space, time and many others.

Fourthly, the device is quite cost convenient as compared to other options such as having to buy gym equipment and tools in pieces. From many Bowflex Pr3000 review posts, the item is truly an all in one home gym solution.


While this awesome equipment has a bunch of benefits coming with it, it also has some demerits that have been encountered by a number of users. One such downside is that resistance offered is only 210 pounds for starters.

This means that you have to upgrade resistance when you start getting into better shape. You are however able to upgrade to a resistance of 310 pounds, although it will also cost you some bucks.

The other demerit that is not quite a bad one is that it might not be so ideal for people looking to build huge muscles. It is more practical for building lean muscle and looking fit rather than gaining muscle. However, people with an end goal of gaining heavy muscle may interchange that with other body building programs with consultation from a professional trainer.

Is It Worth The Investment?

When buying the product straight from the manufacturer, the usual price tag is $1099. However, prices may differ depending from where you shop the product. The main question that lingers in the minds of many people before they purchase the product normally goes like this, “is it really worth the investment?”

So if the same was asked for the Bowflex Pr3000, the most appropriate answer would be “yes indeed”. If you can really do many different exercises using one product that can fit in a space in your home or business setting if you like, then why not go for it right away?

Compared to other variants in the market with similar features, it is even quite cost effective, and its resistance as well as quality is far much better if you can get access to reviews of such products.